This is my most popular pin


I have Pinterest angst. I pin amazing shit, like ballet dancers in everyday life, room-owning gowns and luscious desserts, and almost without exception I get nada in return. Nobody likes, nobody repins, nobody even notices.

I say almost without exception, because I do have one pin that has sort of taken off for reasons I won’t pretend to understand. It’s the poster above, a Columbian rope chart, full of hitches, splices and many knots. Perhaps it’s captured people because so many of us see a length of rope as a fact in and of itself, instead of a door into so many possibilities. This poster reminds me that even the simplest things can be beautiful and useful if you take the time to understand them. And it reminds me that Pinterest success does happen. Even if everyone ignores my amazing treehouse dreams.

Want to see what else I’m pinning? Look! It’s me!


The problem with not being that girl

Aspen dress by Jenny Packham. Begging for a glass Champagne.

Aspen dress by Jenny Packham. Begging for a glass of Champagne.

Every woman has a friend who’s obsessed with her hypothetical wedding. She knows which dress silhouettes she likes best, what kind of lace she wants on her veil, the color scheme, the kind of cake (and frosting), even the flowers she’ll pick for her bridal bouquet. Once upon a time, she probably bought bridal magazines and fantasized about walking down the aisle toward her crush du jour. These days, she has a “Wedding Ideas” Pinterest board where she collects table setting inspirations and Mason jar DIYs for use somewhere down the romantic road.

I am not “that girl.”

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