Hey doppelganger, it’s me

By Fortunio Liceti (1577-1657). Image courtesy of the National Library of Medicine

A couple of years ago, I woke up to an email from myself.

It was sent to my work account, but I didn’t remember sending it and the return address wasn’t my own.

Here’s what it said:

I Googled myself and you came up first. And you have a cooler job. Well done, doppleganger, well done.

-Sarah Feldberg

Yea, it know. It was awesome. In fact, the other Sarah Feldberg seems pretty awesome herself (maybe it comes with the name). She’s Canadian, works in theater and had the idea to look up some random chick with the same name and even send me an email.

So, it’s with apologies to other me, that I start this website. She was in the back of my mind when I decided to finally quit being lazy and purchase sarahfeldberg.com. I figured if I waited too long, eventually she’d beat me to it. And as cool as Sarah seems, I wanted the URL for myself. Now I can’t help feeling like I owe it to her to make it something special—a destination for intriguing information, random musings and the occasional effort at something artistic. Here goes nothing!

Hope you enjoy!

-Sarah Feldberg


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