Bathe me in colors bright

The post-run paint powder party at the Las Vegas Color Run.

I knew I was going to like the Color Run from the first moment I clicked on its website.

Here was a race focused on fun over speed. A race in which you come dressed normally and leave in costume. A race in which every kilometer brings a veritable paint bath and the finish line party is a giant rainbow hurricane set to a party rock beat. If clubs involved paint fights, I would go clubbing way more often.

You can read more about the Color Run in the quick story I wrote up for the Weekly. (No point in rehashing all that.)  But I’ll summarize it this way: Three miles have never gone by faster. If every race ended in a massive paint powder dance party, well, I would have no unstained white T-shirts, and I would spend a lot more time running. (I’m even contemplating how to borrow the color fight concept for our next big party … Clean up would suck.)

But enough of me. I’ll let these amateurish iPhone photos do the talking. Just imagine how cool this would look with a real camera.

Pre-race crowd. Not a cult.

Pre-Color Run. No, this is not a cult.

Chris Bitonti shows off his new look after a good paint-bombing.

Protective eyewear

The Color Run crew.


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