A five-second photo tour of spring

I suppose good bloggers publish so many photos and posts that they have no need for these kind of wrap-ups. I am not a good blogger. All that writing and editing for a living makes it sorta hard to hit the blog when I get home.

Excuses, excuses, right?

Anyway, it’s been a wonderful spring, complete with two (!) trips home to Boston, two great races, lots of good food and some quality (and sweaty) exploration. With summer breathing down my neck, here’s a selection of photos that capture a bit of the last few months.

photo 1

Ah La Jolla. Yes, it’s high-priced and a bit precious, but this doesn’t suck. Palms trees, sunset over the Pacific, moisture in the air and sunny days that don’t feel like they’re melting your skin. This photo was taken in early March, the night before I ran the San Diego Half Marathon with my friend Katie.

photo 2

Back in Vegas, this old thing is finally up and running just off the Strip. It’s appropriately called the High Roller and anchors the new Linq development, an open-air, retail-focused alley that’s home to the new Brooklyn Bowl, Goorin Bros. hat company, Sprinkles Cupcakes and Vegas’ first Kitson. I haven’t ridden the thing yet because, well, I know what the Strip looks like from above, and it’s a pricey way to take in the view.

photo 1

So many people think of Vegas as a strip of casinos in the middle of a void, but one of my favorite things about the city is how close the wilderness is, if you’re willing to go look. For a Weekly cover package on Meet Up groups, I hit the trail at Lake Mead with Vegas Hikers, and found myself strolling through a stunning slot canyon with total strangers—then back into town in time for lunch.

photo 2

These sunglasses are, of course, Stunners of the Month. And I don’t think any eyewear has ever looked more delightfully spring-y. I think I’ll keep wearing them right into summer.

photo 1

A mural in progress in Downtown Las Vegas, adding some color and life to the long-closed Western Hotel, which is now being occasionally used as convention space. With every painted wall the neighborhood becomes a more beautiful, interesting place.

photo 5

And two hours away … the sheer emptiness of the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes at Death Valley National Park, a surprisingly fun place to romp and run and play—and take pictures.

photo 2

This is not Vegas. Clearly. This is Vermont. This is the barn at the house some girlfriends and I rented on Air BnB for an incredibly fun, chill bachelorette weekend. Can you believe this is Air BnB? Yeah, we couldn’t either (although the urn full of ashes in the living room was a bit of an odd touch).

photo 4

Behold one of my favorite bars, Atomic Liquors. This revived vintage dive dates way back and serves a mean cocktail and totally respectable beer list for prices that are downright generous by Vegas standards. It’s the kind of place you’re likely to bump into someone you know, or me, sitting on the patio for post-work drinks.

photo 5

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in this new mural in the Arts District—a celestial wolf attacking a smoking wizard?—but I like it regardless. The closer you look the more confusing it gets. And somehow that feels just right.


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