148 miles to go! Let’s run


On the way to my first podium in the Henderson Trail Classic “half marathon” (which was actually 14.3 miles).


Holy shit. It’s October 3, and I have only 148 miles to go to complete my 1,000-Mile Year Challenge. Holy shit.

If 148 sounds like a lot, it’s not. It’s nothing. Ten months ago it would’ve sounded impossible. One hundred and forty-eight miles? That’s 5.64 marathons. That’s far, like, really far. Today, it seems like cake. I’ve already run 852 miles, what’s another 148?

And the closer I get to zero, the more excited I am to run. I already ran today’s mileage, and I want to go run right now. I still have energy. I can do more. Let’s go!

I’m not sure what it will feel like when I hit the finish line in 55 days. But I do know this: I can’t wait to get there.


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